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The first thing question you should ask yourself when you are thinking of implementing an eSolution is: do I need an eSolution?

This may sound obvious, but it is not uncommon for an organization to rush ahead with the implementation of a system under the false belief that it will solve certain issues, even when the specifications made no such promises. The first decision to make is whether you want to purchase a pre-developed solution, and have it customized for your needs, or whether you would prefer to have an application designed to your exact specifications.

Pre-developed Applications

The Nirada Group has a portfolio of pre-developed eSolution Applications which can be customized to your needs. Although not as flexible as a 100% customized application, most clients are surprised when they realize just how easy it is to fit their company processes into a system that has already been designed and tested with flexibility in mind.

The Nirada Group commits a significant budget to Pre-developed Applications, and the cost-savings passed onto the client are typically 50-70% of the cost of a 100% customized application. The Nirada Group's pre-developed application portfolio is being expanded all of the time, and currently includes the following applications:

Corporate Service Portfolio
Giving potential customers access to the information they need to make an informed decision about which services they would like to use is easy. Keeping all of that information up-to-date, sometimes in multiple languages, without and web-design knowledge, is not so easy. The Corporate Service Portfolio addresses this issue and makes updating your website an activity as simple as writing an email.

Event Booking/Ticketing System
An advanced booking/ticketing system capable of handling internet and telephone orders via cash, cheque and credit card. The system includes ticket issuing features making it a complete end-to-end system. Highly sophisticated analytical tools enable details reports to be compiled based on current and historical data.

School/Club Portal
In an environment such as a school or special-interest group, a website that can be updatable by numerous individuals is often desirable. However, the logistical and security issues, especially when more than a handful of users are involved, can quickly become a nightmare. The School/Club Portal is the perfect solution, built around a tried and tested model. The master account allows the creation of an unlimited number of users along with the allocation of access rights: give the users as much or as little control as they need, and restrict their access to edit only certain parts of the site.

Customized Applications

About 20-30% of the time put into an eSolutions project should be analysis. The first step is self-analysis and the second step is to let your eSolution advisor create a detailed SoW (Scope of Work) to breakdown the steps involved in the creation and implementation of the eSolution.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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