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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an extremely broad description for the multitude of services which The Nirada Group has to offer. In its very basic form, Digital Marketing is the promotion and marketing of products and services through the internet.

It may be that your company simply needs to market through the internet, but then convert leads into sales in the 'real' world. Or, you may be looking for a solution that allows you to capture leads and convert them in a totally digital environment. In the most extreme case, you may be seeking a partner that will close your online sales for you. The Nirada Group is able to accommodate your needs at whatever level you feel is appropriate for your business.

Basic Digital Marketing involves an analysis of your products and services, followed by a proposal regarding how they would best be marketed on the internet, along with a plan of action. Depending on your needs, this may involve the creation of a rudimentary website. In other cases, especially when the goal is simply to get you in touch with potential customers, we can employ the use of affiliate programs and other lead-capturing systems to generate the results you are looking for.

Advanced Digital Marketing adds to the benefits of the lead-generation techniques described above, but involves the installation of a customized web-based application which gives you full control, allowing you to track and convert your leads in a totally digital environment. Such solutions can be integrated with ePayment Gateway systems if credit card payment processing is required.

Digital Marketing & Sales is the culmination of advanced lead generation/capture technology merged with our in-house skills at closing online sales. Such a solution is perfect if your organization is already well set up to handle traditional sales, and to service newly-won customers, but you don't wish, or aren't able, to employ online sales agents to close sales. The practice of outsourcing sales is not a new concept, but it has not enjoyed the widespread adoption rate that outsourced accountancy has, for example. In recent years, however, its low-investment/high-return nature has caused it to become a much more tempting proposition.

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