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The Nirada Group is pleased to be able to offer a range of Consultancy services in a variety of hi-tech fields.

Planning the implementation of new software or hardware, or even streamlining the use of existing systems, is critical to the cohesion of your business infrastructure. Badly planned/implemented systems can have high financial costs and cause employee morale issues.

Technology Healthcheck
Let us take an impartial topographical look at your organization's technological setup, and produce a report outlining what's working, what could work better and what urgently needs attention. The report will include detailed analysis on problem issues, and proposals for possible solutions. Take this report as it is, and act on it yourself, or enlist our help further and implement the suggested changes.

Strategic IT System Planning
Whether you are setting up a new office, a new company or simply clearing outdated technology from your asset lists, there is a lot more to think about than what color to paint the walls, and where to put the potted plants. In this changing world, bad choices today can mean being back at square-one in 12 short months. Strategic IT System Planning can help keep technology upgrades to a minimum. Draw on our industry knowledge, find out which systems are about to be end-of-life'd and what new solutions are around the corner. Do you want Windows or Linux? Fat Clients or Thin Clients? WiFi or Wires? Digital VoIP Telephony or POTS? A headache or a stress free working environment?

Let us analyze, report, suggest and connect you with the right suppliers to ensure you can concentrate on what matters: running your business. Contact us to find out more.


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