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Bespoke Literature

There's much more to writing than writing.

Since long before the Ancient Egyptians carved their hieroglyphs into the monuments at Giza and Luxor, the written word had become the choice of those whose intention was to make an impact.

By the mid 20th century, with the permeation of television and the eventual arrival of early video-arcade games, many believed that the literature would go the way of King Tutankhamen himself.

Then, quietly, and without warning, the internet was born. The default method of communication: glorious text!

The internet (and, more importantly, the World Wide Web), aside from changing just about every facet of our daily lives, has given the written word a fresh infusion of life; a revitalizing lift back onto center stage, beating all other methods of communication into submission.

Whether or not this new lease of life will last for ever, or whether video will make a comeback with the advancement of internet technology, is anybody's guess. But, right here, right now, literature is the way to communicate.

Let the talented writers of The Nirada Group convert your scribbled notes into a work of art. Send us a message to discuss your requirements.

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